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LL Roberts Group has a longstanding and healthy relationship with insurance agents. Agents frequently turn to LL Roberts Group to explore creative solutions for clients that face difficult challenges, such as workers’ compensation, medical benefits, or being in a high-risk industry.

Because we’ve been serving our local Texas communities and businesses for over three decades, we strive to select the right PEO service for our clients. LL Roberts Group offers agents a streamlined platform to review multiple PEO providers and a resource where clients can provide RFP information once. We take the time to find the right fit for every client.

Once an agent has had time to review the available providers, the client is supplied with proposals for the PEO provider that offers the service that best fits their needs.

How LL Roberts Group helps serve your clients:

  • In-house industry professionals
  • On-site enrollments with bilingual specialists
  • Unique solutions for workers’ compensation and benefits
  • Ongoing support for agents with full transparency
  • Attractive referral fees A true single-source solution

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