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The Ultimate Solution for Business Headaches

The LL Roberts Group is a National Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Consulting Firm. The Owners of the LL Roberts Group have established a long history of serving the PEO service needs of small to mid-size businesses dating back to 1989. The LL Roberts Group team is comprised of "true" PEO Experts and Industry Veterans. Our staff includes experts in the areas of payroll and employment tax administration, human resource support and safety/risk management, as well as employee benefit programs. Not only are our staff members well experienced in their respective fields of expertise, they also hold numerous licenses and accreditations. These professionals provide our clients and agents with the assistance and support they need when selecting a qualified and quality PEO Service Provider.

Our commitment to the client doesn't end when the "right" PEO has been selected for the client's unique needs and expectations; it continues through the life of the relationship as the LL Roberts Group works to ensure that each client's service and support needs are met on a continuous basis.

As a Nationwide Provider of PEO Solutions the LL Roberts Group combines the best of all worlds for our clients and independent agents. With an established PEO Service Providers Network and Representatives located across the United States, as well as a real online support system, the LL Roberts Group is flexible enough to assist clients of any size from within every industry type -- clerical environments all the way up to commercial contractors.

While we have implemented numerous Internet and technology based service and support initiatives for our clients and agents, we remain committed to our "high touch" philosophies to ensure that our entire clientele receives optimal care from the LL Roberts Group and our PEO Providers. Our team is there for you!

So why work with a single PEO that tries to be all things for every prospective client company?

By working with the LL Roberts Group, you gain access to a broad Network of quality PEO Service Providers that can provide the right solution for your company's particular needs and expectations.

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