Agent Information

More and more agents are turning to the LL Roberts Group (LLRG) to assist their clients. We excel at finding solutions for those clients that are difficult to place and need creative solutions for issues related to worker's compensation, medical benefits, and other employment challenges.

The LL Roberts Group is a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Service Provider, Broker and Consultant. We provide our clients and our agents with access to many of the top National and Regional PEO Service Providers. Our team of trained professional PEO Consultants can assist you and your clients in selecting the "right" PEO solution for their company and employees. The LL Roberts Group is proudly based in Texas and we are especially adept at serving the needs of Texas businesses.

What makes the LL Roberts Group Unique?

  • In house Safety & Risk Management Professionals
  • Benefits and Enrollment Specialists on staff
  • On-site enrollments with Bilingual Specialists
  • Unique Solutions for Worker's Comp and Benefits
  • Ongoing Support for Agents
  • Attractive Referral Fees
  • A true "Single Source" solution

The Single Source Solution

The LL Roberts Group gives the client and agent a Single Source to review multiple PEO providers. The client provides RFP information only ONE TIME. We don't "Broadcast" the RFP to hundreds of PEOs, which could lead to a bad experience for the client. Instead we will take the time to find the right fit for each client. The client then sees proposals for the BEST SOLUTIONS. Contact the LL Roberts Group to learn more.