Are the “Unemployed” Being Discriminated Against?

The EEOC May Think So! While business owners are painfully aware of the current “Unemployment Crisis”, most may not know about the resulting new form of discrimination, UNEMPLOYMENT.  A new form of discrimination has come to the attention of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): Discrimination against job candidates that are currently  unemployed. Unemployed job candidates, as a class, are not yet protected by the EEOC, however the individuals who make up this large group could soon become as protected as individuals discriminated against for age, race or gender. Refusing to hire someone who has been unemployed could have an adverse impact on employers moving forward.
Prior to your company recruiting for your next open position, you should have your HR Department (or a qualified HR Professional) review your hiring procedures and check for any policies against hiring individuals who are unemployed. Job candidates that are unemployed could be considered members of a minority group by the EEOC.
It is always important to review overall skills and qualifications to find the candidate who will be the right fit for your organization. Bear in mind that the current crisis has displaced several quality and qualified job candidates.  If you’re company is currently hiring, this available pool of experienced and skilled workers may have the solution that you are in need of.   
Please contact the LL Roberts Group at 877.878.6463 or your PEO’s HR Department  with questions regarding lawful hiring practices.
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