Are “unpaid interns” an option for your company?

Every summer many business Owners either consider or count on hiring temporary help.  Many of these positions are given to young adults on summer break from school and are paid at minimum wage, however many businesses will utilize “unpaid interns”. While some job types or descriptions may exclude the use of unpaid interns, there are some cases where they can be utilized.
The Department of Labor (DOL) has established six conditions that must be complied with to consider someone as an unpaid intern.  Those 6 conditions are:
  • The training must be similar to what would be given in a place of learning.
  • The training must be considered a benefit of the unpaid intern (trainee).
  • You cannot displace employees to create this position and trainees work under close observation.
  • The employer cannot receive any immediate advantage and may in fact be impeded.
  • The trainees are not guaranteed or entitled to a paid position at completion of their internship.
  • Both the employer and the trainee understand that the training is “unpaid”.
Just bear in mind that the unpaid internship must be not just training, but an educational experience that specifically benefits the intern/ trainer.  So remember,  if the unpaid intern will be doing any routine filing, administration, maintenance, or other regular tasks typically given to employees, he or she likely does  not comply with the conditions presented above and must be paid as a typical employee.
For more information concerning your summer time hiring plans, please consult your HR or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Consultant, or contact the LL Roberts Group (toll free) at 877.878.6463. For additional information or hiring regulations and practices you can also visit The Department of Labor’s website.
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