Attorneys are lining up to attack small businesses

As more relief and stimulus initiatives are being debated on Capitol Hill, the Trump Administration is insistent that small business be protected through “liability protection” regulations. The President’s concern is that some workers and their attorneys will launch countless and costly lawsuits against their employers claiming they contracted the COVID-19 virus at work. In fact, there are already “TV Attorneys” claiming they can help workers that contract the virus “get what they deserve” (apparently that’s business owners’ life savings and livelihoods).

Without the implementation of liability protection initiatives to protect business owners many could lose their businesses even after surviving the economic disaster created by the virus. How sad would it be for a small business owner to survive the tsunami created with the pandemic only to lose his business due to a lawsuit alleging that he got the employee(s) sick by reopening his business? House and Senate Democrats have already made it known that they do not support this type of protection for businesses claiming it’s just another way for business owners to take advantage of their workers. Instead, many Democrats believe what is needed is trillions of dollars more for America’s workforce to remain idol and sheltered in at home. It occurs to us that what we need is an “American Strategy” for the resurrection of the world’s greatest economy and that we are not going to win this war against the virus watching Netflix from our sofas.

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