Beep-beep—a COVID-19 technology development

While biotechs diligently work to develop treatments and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, technology firms are also coming up with resources to assist businesses during the pandemic. One such example is an Addison TX firm, Polte Corp. That company is using previously developed technologies used for badge and elderly panic button devices to create the Polte Proximity device. This device is worn by employees on their belts or pockets and emits a “beeping sound” whenever employees enter each other’s space (based on social distancing guidelines of 6 ft of separation).

The device will not stop beeping until the employees separate 6 ft or more. This standalone tool is intended to serve as a subtle reminder to maintain recommended distancing. One privacy concern addressed by this device is that it is not a download onto the employee’s personal phone and does not involve any “contact tracking” of the employee. An added belief is that it will help employees to feel safer while at work. Target jobs and industries include office workers, retailers, manufacturing, and distribution centers; however, it could be used within any type of workplace or job site.

We understand there are many different opinions regarding the virus, returning to work, and opening up businesses, but it’s refreshing to see companies trying to use technology to find that middle ground so we can all get back to normal even sooner.

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