Staying Safe in Spring Weather

Now that Spring is here and several parts of the country are getting more than it’s fair share of rain and might be in line to re-write water level records. This Spring has already proven to be volatile for some parts of the country and will continue to be dangerous as the weather heats up. […]

Keeping Safe In Spring Weather

As most of the country is still waiting on Spring to arrive and the cold weather to go away, one thing we can all count on is Spring will get here. This Spring could be a very volatile for some parts of the country as the weather heats up quickly. We all know that Spring weather can be […]

Staying Safe In Spring Weather

Spring Weather can be very unpredictable, and just as unstable. Severe weather affects everyone with the potential for tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, flooding, and even hurricanes. Especially in the spring, violent weather threatens countless adults, children, homes, schools, business, and your personal belongings.  But the truth is, the majority of people and businesses are not prepared. […]