Employer sponsored retirement plans help attract and retain quality employees

Thanks to the Revenue Act of 1978,  the 401(k) program started seeing wide spread use in the early 1980’s. Since then, 401(k) plans have helped more than 50 million employees save for retirement while accumulating more than $15 Trillion in retirement savings. Still it’s estimated that close to half of the U.S. private workforce doesn’t […]

Upcoming 2013 Tax Changes

As we get closer to 2013,  there are several new tax changes coming into play that  will affect millions of employees across the United States. While the list of these taxes can be overwhelming, we wanted to list a few that will impact many in the workforce today. The IRS has announced that the Social […]

New Changes To Your 401K

The IRS recently announced changes to 401k retirement plans starting January 1 2013.  Next year you can contribute $17,500 annually to your retirement plan. This contribution limit, which is $500 higher than this year’s level, is linked to an adjustment to account for inflation. The last increase to contribution limits was in 2011 and is rising […]

Total Compensation for Employees is Often Misunderstood!

When selling the employment opportunity or relationship with your company don’t overlook the how you contribute to your employees’ economic wellbeing! Always remember  that there’s a great deal more to your employees’ compensation than just an hourly wage or salary.  Your company probably provides benefits and other services to your employees, that makes their total […]