How To Look For Hazards On The Job site

When I visit a client’s facility or job site, the first thing I look for and ask is “Are the employees working safely?”  After that, I start to look for a wide list of  hazards that can lead to injuries and other OSHA violations. Companies regardless of the size or industry need to have regular site […]

Taking Ladder Safety to New Heights!

Today’s topic will go over something that many people use at work or even completing odd jobs around your house. Ladders are not just used in construction or services jobs, you can find them in office settings as well. Ladders are used in storage rooms, warehouses, retail stores and many other places. The same rules […]

Do You Know The Top 4 Construction Hazards?

There are a lot of companies that  work on construction sites performing a wide variety of jobs. Many smaller contractors will be on jobsites for only a couple of days such as HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, and even firms that provide temporary fencing.  However, every time you come in to work, you are at risk of […]