OSHA’s New Guidance on Recordability of COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions

OSHA recently released the new guidance for COVID-19 safety compliance. The new guidance from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is causing contractors to change their COVID-19 vaccine requirements, Several companies began asking for clarification whether an employer should record adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination if the employer requires or mandates the vaccine. OSHA […]

Beep-beep—a COVID-19 technology development

While biotechs diligently work to develop treatments and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, technology firms are also coming up with resources to assist businesses during the pandemic. One such example is an Addison TX firm, Polte Corp. That company is using previously developed technologies used for badge and elderly panic button devices to create the […]

Studies show women are faring better versus the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus tends to affect men more severely than it does women. Numerous studies have shown that the disease tends to be more severe and deadly for men. An analysis of the patients hospitalized in New York City with the virus showed that more than 60% were men. Furthermore, the mortality rates in New York […]

Will temperature checks become commonplace moving forward?

As everyone contemplates what the “new norm” will be like after the Coronavirus crisis is behind us, public testing of some form seems to be a given. However, testing for the virus takes time and money. So, it is not likely that we will see swabs and needle pricks as a common testing method across […]

Dallas County has issued new rules for Construction companies

While Dallas County continues to be at the forefront of issuing new orders for the public’s safety in Texas, we anticipate rules similar to these going into effect in other counties soon. This document provides guidance for persons and business associated with the building and construction industries and trades on the meaning and application of Order […]