BREAKING NEWS: The DOL will appeal the Overtime Rule Injunction

The Department of Labor announced Thursday (12/1/16) that it will appeal a federal judge’s preliminary injunction that halted the implementation of the new Fair Labor Standard Act’s overtime rule changes. The appeal was brought by Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, Wage & Hour Administrator David Weil, Assistant Administrator Mary Zeigler and the Department of Labor. Federal […]

Department of Labor Pursuing H-2A Temporary Non-Immigrant Worker Program

The U.S. Department of Labor is seeking to obtain a judgment against strawberry grower Fernandez Farms Inc., based in Watsonville, Calif., and its president, Gonzalo Fernandez, requiring payment of nearly $1 million in back wages to approximately 400 farm workers for minimum wage and overtime violations. Additionally, the department seeks more than $1 million in […]

Are “unpaid interns” an option for your company?

Every summer many business Owners either consider or count on hiring temporary help.  Many of these positions are given to young adults on summer break from school and are paid at minimum wage, however many businesses will utilize “unpaid interns”. While some job types or descriptions may exclude the use of unpaid interns, there are […]

Answers to “Snow Day Pay” Questions

The current wave of winter storms hitting the country has caused many employers to ask about “Snow Day Pay”. How should or can an employer handle payroll during weather challenges such as these many of us are experiencing right now? Here are a few determinations from the Department of Labor: •  If the employee “is […]