Paying your employees electronically makes sense—for everyone.

Every pay day, your employees must come by the office or seek out a supervisor to receive their paycheck. Sometimes, you may not be available when they stop by or maybe the delivering of your company’s payroll package is running late causing undue frustration for your employees. The old saying that “time is money” is […]

Did You Know You Can Stop Issuing Your Employees “Paychecks”!

Simply convert to “Paycards”. Payday at more and more business across the country no longer means that employees must get in line to get a checks. In fact, more and more employees aren’t getting checks at all. Instead, many employees simply visit a bank machine and withdraw part or all of their pay using a […]

“Pay Cards” can work for any type of employee—Here’s How!

One of the best innovations that we’ve seen over the past several years in the area of Payroll Administration has been payroll “Pay Cards”. Your employees may need additional solutions that direct deposit or a paper check cannot offer, such as employees who do not have bank accounts or that need the ability to divide […]

National Payroll Week

September 6-10 is National Payroll Week, which recognizes the valuable contributions America’s payroll professionals. In recognition and honor of Payroll Associates across the country, the LL Roberts Group offers these useful tips to your employees to maximize their paycheck: • Use direct deposit. This will greatly reduce the number of lost, stolen, or delayed checks […]