New COVID-19 federal relief and PPP loan forgiveness update

On December 27, President Donald Trump signed into law a supplemental appropriations bill that provides over $900 billion in additional COVID-19 relief, including $284 billion in added Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds for businesses and organizations needing an initial relief program loan or a second round of funding. Key aspects of the original PPP guidelines […]


We have been getting a lot of  questions about the payroll programs the Government is setting up. The Treasury Dept. made this quick one page summary to break down some of the questions and answers that employers have been seeking. The Paycheck Protection Program provides small businesses with funds to pay up to 8 weeks of […]

Anxious Americans await their relief checks

Individuals and families across the U.S. are eager to receive their CARES Act relief checks from the government, and while they wait, many are asking the same question— “how does the government know where to send my funds?” The Treasury Department is using rules for disbursing the relief funds to Americans based on standards established […]

Stimulus Update – What is the next phase & What is included the plan so far

It was a unanimous vote in the Senate Wednesday night to pass the “Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act” which now moves to the House of Representatives.  Most on Capitol Hill expect the Bill to make its way through the House sometime on Friday (March 27th). The Bill will help to prevent workers from losing […]

Happy Texas Independence Day Y’all!

On this day in 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico. To celebrate, we have a list of fun facts about the Lone Star State. 15. The Republic of Texas had five other capital cities before settling on Austin. In order, they include Washington-on-the-Brazos, Harrisburg, Galveston, Velasco and West Columbia. Sorry, San Antonio – you were capital during Spanish and Mexican Texas, not the independence period. 14. Austin was […]

Three Generations of Roberts in the PEO Industry

Front Row: Larry Sr., Austin.Back Row: Chris, Josh, LJ.  The LL Roberts Group (LLRG) is based in Dallas, Texas and operates as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)services provider.  LLRG specializes in assisting small to mid-sized companies with their PEO and employee  administration related service needs.  In addition to our Dallas Headquarters, we also maintain a fully staffed […]

OSHA Penalties Raised for 2020

New information from OSHA as they raise civil penalties (85 Fed. Reg. 2,292) by approximately 1.8 percent on January 15, 2020. While the new penalty amounts are not that significant as the previous increases, they still add up. The final rule implements annual inflation adjustments of civil monetary penalties assessed or enforced by OSHA and other agencies […]

Tips for Planning Your Office Holiday Party

As the year comes to an end, companies across the country are planing their annual Christmas and Holiday parties. While these parties can be a great way for everyone to celebrate another year, it’s also a time for business owners and managers to be aware of risks that can be associated with the festivities.  While […]

Protecting Your Hands At Work

Having a hand injury can make everyday tasks that we take for granted a challenge. For many people, most hand injuries are only for a short time, but for others,  it is permanent. Try buttoning up your shirt, typing on a keyboard, or using your phone with only one hand. While not impossible, these task become harder […]

Largest ICE Raid In A Decade

Load Trail, a Sumner TX manufacturing company was recently raided by 300 ICE Agents detaining 160 alleged undocumented workers after an ongoing investigation. The company’s owner’s face the possibility of criminal indictment. Similar circumstances have resulted in employers being charged by ICE with alien smuggling, alien harboring, document fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. This raid […]