The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Have – Business Owner!

New Business Owners/ Employers Must Deal with Establishing Policies and Procedures While Complying with Governmental Regulations As the recovery from the recent recession continues many new small business owners are now dealing with hiring or expanding a workforce and in doing so are becoming “employers” for the first time. Most new entrepreneurs quickly find out […]

Depression In The Workplace

According to RiskAware, a division of Risk Transfer, depression is a debilitating disease that not only affects the person suffering from it, but also affects those around them and the employer’s bottom line. In addition to the medical costs to treat depression, employers see huge losses in productivity from workers who are depressed and not […]

Office Safety Tips – What You Can Do To Prevent Mishaps

While they may be one of the last things on your mind at the office, there are potential safety hazards all around you. To prevent injury and promote office safety, incorporate the following precautions into your everyday routine. Walkways Safety · Immediately clean up spills, melting snow and rain water from your shoes when entering the […]

Six Tips For Dealing With Employee Disputes

Ed and Sally have a problem. As their manager, you have the right to impose a solution, but past experience tells you that employees will come up with their own solution if you allow them to work it out with a little mediation assistance from you. Before you tackle the Ed/Sally problem, review these steps […]