How to Control Workers’ Comp Costs

Regardless if employees are injured on the job due to their own careless behavior, those accidents are still covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. To reduce and/or avoid injury claims, it is crucial to continually promote safety awareness and safe work habits. To enhance workplace safety and improve employees’ quality of life, as well […]

Ergonomic Breaks, Rest Periods, and Stretches At Work!

I know we’ve written about Ergonomics before, but as the heat of summer wears on and fatigue plays a crucial role in work related injuries, I thought we should address some ways we can help employees reduce some of the “little” strains that could add up to “big” challenges. In an earlier blog posting,  Ergonomics […]

Are You Saving Money on Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Although injuries at the workplace cost companies money in workers’ compensation claims, there are ways that employers, with help from your PEO Service Provider, can control the cost as well as control collateral damage. The LL Roberts Group and our Network of PEO Service Providers employ experienced professionals in the areas of workers’ compensation coverage, […]

Do Your Employees Avoid Office Injuries?

It is generally accepted that in heavy industry, you’ll find dangerous work environments that expose employees to potential injury. But fewer companies recognize the potential risks found in everyday office environments. Office work, too, can lead to injuries if appropriate safe work practices are not followed. Learn to avoid these common hazards: 1. Musculoskeletal strains […]