With the LL Roberts Group online benefits enrollment, everyone wins.

With the LL Roberts Group online benefits enrollment, everyone wins. You save time and reduce the burden of managing benefits enrollment, and your employees can select the right benefits for their needs faster and easier than ever before… anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Additionally, you no longer have to chase down employees and paperwork […]

Open Enrollment started November 1st!

Consumers can go to HeathCare.gov preview 2016 plans and prices available in your area.  It’s easy for you to compare available 2016 plans. You only need to answer a few simple questions to preview plans in your area and see what savings may be available to you for next year. You don’t need to log in, […]

Time Is Running Out….Are You Using Up Your Flex Account Funds?

It’s December already! Where has this year gone? Now that we are down to the last several weeks of the 2012, it’s time to look at the funds remaining in your health care flex spending account (FSA). The question that needs to be asked is “Do I have funds left or have I spent more […]

Health Care Reform Update (Part 2)

 Last week we looked at the Health Care reform changes that have taken place or will happen this year. This week, we look at years 2013 and beyond. Starting in 2013, we will begin enrollment procedures in many states for the insurance exchanges required to be in place by 2014. States will have some leeway in getting […]

The Importance Of Exercise and Healthy Eating

Almost everyone makes New Year Resolutions, but a large number who do, often stop or quit working on those once we reach February. One of the most made resolutions is getting in better shape. Most people want to lose a few pounds and shrink their waistline by exercising and eating healthier. In addition to trimming […]

Obama Care Update “Free” Birth Control Mandated!

The Obama administration recently announced the biggest change in women’s health care since the advent of the birth control pill more than 40 years ago: coverage of birth control as prevention, with “no co-pays”! In addition to making the pill available to insureds at no cost, other services ranging from breast pumps for new mothers […]