3 Ways Your Small Business Benefits From Using a PEO

GROW 7-9% FASTER  Since December 2004, employment at small businesses using a PEO has grown more than 7 percent than at small businesses overall, according to the Intuit Small Business Employment Index. HAVE 23 to 32% LOWER EMPLOYEE TURNOVER The average overall employee turnover rate in the Unites States was approximately 42 percent per year, based on 2012 […]

Aetna is buying Humana ~ So what happens next?

Aetna will acquire Humana for a reported $37 Billion. The newly combined company will have more than 33 million members. This huge deal follows other proposed or rumored moves to merge or consolidate by U.S. health insurance companies, such as: Anthem’s interested in buying Cigna, and UnitedHealth’s previously reported interest in buying either Aetna or […]

What Is A PEO?

We still run into a number of people that are not familiar with a Professional Employer Organization or a PEO, so we decided to post an overview of what a PEO is, and how it can help you run your business more efficiently.  If you can answer “YES” to the following question, then a PEO could […]