How To Look For Hazards On The Job site

When I visit a client’s facility or job site, the first thing I look for and ask is “Are the employees working safely?”  After that, I start to look for a wide list of  hazards that can lead to injuries and other OSHA violations. Companies regardless of the size or industry need to have regular site […]

Do You Know The Top 4 Construction Hazards?

There are a lot of companies that  work on construction sites performing a wide variety of jobs. Many smaller contractors will be on jobsites for only a couple of days such as HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, and even firms that provide temporary fencing.  However, every time you come in to work, you are at risk of […]

Keeping Your Jobsite Safe From Visitors

The old song lyrics by Soul Asylum really are true. “Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” and it happens at jobsites across the country everyday. It doesn’t matter if you are at a construction site (big or small), trenching or shoring, or working at a make shift jobsite on the side of a road. […]