How To Handle Complainers In The Workplace

It’s seems like every workplace has that one employee (or maybe more) who just like to complain. Complainers at work can drain you and your co-workers of energy, focus, and desire, resulting in an adverse impact on moral and even your company’s bottom-line. Ignoring chronic complainers can be like sticking your head in the sand […]

Social Security Tax Adjustment for 2013 Expiration of the “Tax Relief Act”

In 2010, Congress passed a temporary measure to reduce the employee portion of the Social Security tax rate from 6.20% to 4.20%, effective January 1st 2011. This reduction did not impact the employer portion of the FICA tax charged on wages by the Federal Government. Though the reduction was not intended to be permanent, the […]

The Benefits of Automated Time Keeping

Has your company ever considered an automated time keeping system for your employees? There are several factors that lead companies to choose to this type of service but the top factor is usually the “bottom line”.  Along with the financial benefits others that rank at the top are the time savings convenience, the elimination of […]

Enhancing Human Resource Department Effectiveness

“If only we had known,” is one of the saddest and most frequently repeated phrases by employers. A bad hire impacts employee morale, productivity, insurance premiums, and corporate reputation. The cost for hiring, training and repeating the entire process is only the tip of the iceberg. Financial and morale aftershocks ripple through any organization for […]