Eight Tips For Interviewing Effectively!

!BE A GOOD HOST. Think of applicants as guests, and you’re off to a good start. Offer coffee or a soft drink with a smile and a handshake, and show up at the appointed time. Don’t interview from behind your desk, put telephone calls and interruptions on hold, and give this meeting the attention it […]

Picking a Winning Team

A Scout’s 8-Point Guide to Recruiting the Best Employees with eight simple steps to minimize hiring “turnovers” with any business. Glossary of Terms: Draft = Workers Pool Pick = Likely Candidates Player = Employee/Candidate Coach = Manager/Employer Stats = Reference Points = Sales/Profitability Playoffs = Winning Point 1: Begin with defined objectives. What do you […]

Enhancing Human Resource Department Effectiveness

“If only we had known,” is one of the saddest and most frequently repeated phrases by employers. A bad hire impacts employee morale, productivity, insurance premiums, and corporate reputation. The cost for hiring, training and repeating the entire process is only the tip of the iceberg. Financial and morale aftershocks ripple through any organization for […]

Six Tips For Dealing With Employee Disputes

Ed and Sally have a problem. As their manager, you have the right to impose a solution, but past experience tells you that employees will come up with their own solution if you allow them to work it out with a little mediation assistance from you. Before you tackle the Ed/Sally problem, review these steps […]