Office Safety Tips – What You Can Do To Prevent Mishaps

While they may be one of the last things on your mind at the office, there are potential safety hazards all around you. To prevent injury and promote office safety, incorporate the following precautions into your everyday routine. Walkways Safety ¬∑ Immediately clean up spills, melting snow and rain water from your shoes when entering the […]

Holiday Safety Tips

The Holiday Season is an active time and requires extra vigilance to prevent theft.  Many building management companies take extra precautions to protect tenants personal items and company equipment. Office thieves take advantage of opportunities and you can greatly reduce the chances of being victimized if you remove the opportunity.  The same is true for home […]

How To Handle Workplace Distractions

During the course of the business day, some workplace distractions and interruptions are unavoidable,  but others if not properly controlled or regulated could lead to injuries,  a loss in productivity, and a decrease in worker morale.  Work interruptions are a distraction that can result in work errors or accidents. Before addressing or responding to another person, workers should […]