Blow to the Biden Administration may be a blessing for large employers.

The Supreme Court issued today (Thursday, January 13th) mixed rulings in a pair of historic cases challenging the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The Court is allowing the mandated requirement for certain health care workers to go into effect while blocking the more impactful enforcement of a mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees. […]

Vaccine Mandate’s fate rest with Supreme Court

The Supreme Court announced Wednesday December 22nd that it will hold a special hearing next month to hear oral arguments and will consider challenges to the Biden administration’s pandemic efforts affecting millions of workers. This is the federal nationwide vaccine and testing requirement for large employers (with 100+ employees), and a separate coronavirus vaccine mandate […]

New Requirements for OSHA’s 300A Summary

This is a friendly reminder about posting your OSHA 300A Summary by February 1st. If you have not posted it yet, now is a good time to complete this easy task.  The other part of this annual posting notification is to go over new rules for the electronic submission of the 300A. Employers must post […]