BREAKING NEWS: The DOL will appeal the Overtime Rule Injunction

The Department of Labor announced Thursday (12/1/16) that it will appeal a federal judge’s preliminary injunction that halted the implementation of the new Fair Labor Standard Act’s overtime rule changes. The appeal was brought by Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, Wage & Hour Administrator David Weil, Assistant Administrator Mary Zeigler and the Department of Labor. Federal […]

Federal Judge Halts Overtime Rule

Just 10 days before the implementation date, a federal judge in Texas put the brakes on the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) new federal overtime rule, which would have doubled the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA’s) salary threshold for exemption from overtime pay. Twenty-one states filed an emergency motion for a preliminary injunction in October to halt […]

Pay Periods and Overtime Pay

What are the particulars in calculating “Overtime Payrolls” for your workforce?  Frankly, there are several regulations that govern this process, but there are a few key points to bear in mind; most notably your calculations must be based on a 40 hour work week regardless of the pay period cycle. Here are a couple of […]