How to Choose a PEO: 5 Questions You Should Ask

Learn How to Choose a PEO for Your Growing Business

Highlights Juggling administrative HR tasks in a small business can be tough. Thankfully, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can step in to alleviate the workload, enhance employee satisfaction, and ensure legal compliance. But how to choose a PEO that fits your business needs and aligns with your goals? This article uncovers important factors to keep […]

Attention Employers: Remember the W-2 Deadline!

For “Employers”, the most important thing to remember is that all employees 2012 W-2s must be mailed out by the end of January 2013! Our experience has been that most employers are familiar with the annual federal requirement for issuing current and past employees that received wages during the year.  However we have seen that […]

The Benefits of Training Programs

For any business, properly skilled employees are essential for success, yet rarely employees enter a job with the skill set required to “hit the ground” running once they are hired.  On-the-job training is vital to the creation and maintenance of a high-performing workforce. Though many employers consider training an expense and burden, consider it a wise investment in […]

How a PEO Addresses Your Clients’ Human Resource Needs

Rather than hiring a dedicated staff member or training an existing employee to oversee HR matters for their companies, many small to midsized employers have turned to a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) to address these needs and exposures. PEOs offer an excellent solution for your clients’ HR related needs.  Through a relationship with a PEO […]