Is Biden’s death tax a death knell for small business owners?

One of President Biden’s most cherished new tax proposals is referred to as the “Step-up Tax”, a tax that could devastate many family businesses. Basically, this is a tax that would immediately be imposed upon the death of a business owner. It is a tax that is levied on “unappreciated assets”. Current laws allow those […]

A Ripple Effect – Small businesses survival is crucial to the U.S. economy!

With 44% of the domestic GDP being generated by small businesses, the significance of the fact that more than 3 million of those companies have closed their doors since the onset of the pandemic cannot be overstated. The chief concern that weighs heavily on the minds and shoulders of the entire world, much less the […]

Survey Says………Small Business Owners Concerned about Workplace Safety

Recently, EMPLOYERS, (a specialty provider of workers’ compensation insurance and services) conducted a survey of small business owners to find out what risk they were most concerned about with regards to operating their businesses. For many owners, keeping employees safe on the job is a major concern, according to the survey.  The survey revealed that […]