A Ripple Effect – Small businesses survival is crucial to the U.S. economy!

With 44% of the domestic GDP being generated by small businesses, the significance of the fact that more than 3 million of those companies have closed their doors since the onset of the pandemic cannot be overstated. The chief concern that weighs heavily on the minds and shoulders of the entire world, much less the […]

Attorneys are lining up to attack small businesses

As more relief and stimulus initiatives are being debated on Capitol Hill, the Trump Administration is insistent that small business be protected through “liability protection” regulations. The President’s concern is that some workers and their attorneys will launch countless and costly lawsuits against their employers claiming they contracted the COVID-19 virus at work. In fact, […]

Small Businesses Pessimistic About The Economy

When the country recovered from recessions in the past, small businesses were usually the first companies to start hiring.  But smaller companies are so pessimistic now that they’re not taking on their usual leadership position. The National Federation of Independent Business, which issues a monthly report on small business optimism, says “confidence in the future […]