Is Biden’s death tax a death knell for small business owners?

  One of President Biden’s most cherished new tax proposals is referred to as the “Step-up Tax”, a tax that could devastate many family businesses. Basically, this is a tax that would immediately be imposed upon the death of a business owner. It is a tax that is levied on “unappreciated assets”. Current laws allow […]

Tax Reform Heads to President’s Desk, Here’s What You Need to Know

Good information on the new tax reform bill from our friends at NAPEO.  As of today, both the House and Senate have passed tax reform legislation. The President is expected to sign this bill before the end of the week. Below is a brief summary of some of the significant changes the tax reform bill […]

Upcoming 2013 Tax Changes

As we get closer to 2013,  there are several new tax changes coming into play that  will affect millions of employees across the United States. While the list of these taxes can be overwhelming, we wanted to list a few that will impact many in the workforce today. The IRS has announced that the Social […]