Holiday Pay – What Is the Right Way?

It’s that time of year again when we have two big Holidays close together. For a lot of companies, it becomes a slow time of year, but for some, they are putting in long hours. Every year our Payroll and HR Departments get questions regarding holiday pay and sometimes for the employer, they can be […]

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) & Employee Time Cards

Business Owners and Managers spend countless hours monitoring employee hours and making necessary corrections or  adjustments, however it is crucial that this process is managed in a compliant manner. While employee timecard fraud is a major concern, business owners and managers need to address these occurrences properly.  Should an employee report that he or she […]

Common Questions Dealing With Wage and Hour Compliance

Wage and Hour laws are a regular source for questions directed to our PEO’s HR Department, so we wanted to dedicate this HR Bulletin to this topic. Below are some of the most popular Wage and Hour laws questions. Question – Am I required to give my employees breaks and/or lunch breaks? Answer – Federal […]