Going “Electronic” as a Business!

Better utilizing technology is a wise and cost effective initiative for any business. The term “paperless” is becoming more common for all of us and business and consumers. By adopting this philosophy your business  can cut costs, be more productivity, and become a “greener” organization. Here are a few tips to start you off in the right direction:

  • Utilize Online Reports. PEOs can offer you the ability to access reports and copies of check stubs are available electronically.
  • Proving employees Electronic W-2s.  As a PEO client your employees can access their electronic W-2 forms on the PEO’s payroll website portal.
  • Pay your employees via “Direct Deposit”.  No more paper checks saves trees and money! Stop fees and labor tracking down lost checks. Employees will get paid on time, every time.
  • Pay Cards” for employees without bank accounts. Pay cards are a good alternative for employees that do not have bank accounts.  It works similar to direct deposits whereby they automatically get their net wages deposited on the pay card.
  • Utilize a Time Clock.  Today, computerized time clock systems are fast and easy. Eliminate paper timesheets and can control labor costs, increase accuracy, and decrease error or fraud—use a time system!
  • Eliminate the delivery fees! By going paperless with your payrolls you save even more money. As it relates to your PEO’s deliver of your “payroll packages” going paperless means NO MORE delivery fees,  including: overnight delivery, mailing of checks, and report printing.

If you are interested in learning more about how a PEO can assist your company with going “Electronic”  with your Payroll, HR, Benefits, Risk Management or other employee administration matters please contact the LL Roberts at 877.878.6463.

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