Hard Hat Questions & Answers Video

Roberts Risk Management, the safety division for the LL Roberts Group, launched their new safety video series in summer 2017. 

Roberts Risk Management is a professional safety risk management firm providing a wide range of services. Our trained, experienced and professional team of safety consultants is available to conduct accident investigations, prepare workplace or jobsite analysis with comprehensive recommendations, onsite safety training courses, as well as to develop customized safety plans and manuals. 

Roberts Risk Management’s experience with serving a multitude of industry types, workplaces and jobsites has allowed us to provide business owners with reliable and practical advice and assistance. Based on our clients’ specific needs and concerns, we develop solutions that help them establish, manage and improve safety performance. 

Our safety risk management solutions and recommendations are developed to provide a practical plan for minimizing exposures at every level of an organization. From accident investigations to the creation of a customized safety plan, our safety risk management services help businesses meet regulatory requirements, protect their reputations and take measurable steps to keep their employees safe. 

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