Summer Jobs for Minors—Laws and Regulations to Keep in Mind

Every Summer Employers across the Country look to employ young people on Summer break from school  for temporary assignments within their companies. While this is a great way to involve the next generation of workers in companies and industries of every kind, there are special Laws and Regulations that employers must be aware of. It’s crucial that employers know the proper labor laws mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regarding young workers. Here are a few of the laws to keep in mind when considering minors as prospective employees:
Children under the age of 13 can only be hired as babysitters, to deliver newspapers, or work as actors.
Minors the age of ages 14-15:
· May work various jobs, excluding mining, manufacturing, and hazardous positions
· Can only work from 7 am to 7 pm (extended to 9 pm June 1 to Labor Day)
· May only work 18 hours in a school week (3 hours/day max), up to 40 hours on a non-school week (8 hours/day max)
· May perform work of an intellectual or artistically creative nature, such as computer programming, tutoring, singing, and drawing.
· May not perform door-to-door or street sales.
*However, legitimate, volunteer fund-raising activities by charitable organizations are not included in this restriction.
Minors the age of ages 16-17:
· May work in any job not declared hazardous.
· May work unlimited hours.
Adults the age of 18  and over have no restrictions.
In addition, several types of hazardous jobs are prohibited for employees under age 18, including:
· Operation of bakery machines
· Woodworking machines and operating several types of power tools
· Work at poultry-slaughtering and packaging plants
· Roofing or forestry services
· Riding on a forklift as a passenger
For more information, visit the Department of Labor’s resource on youth labor at Also, you find addtional information at For assistance in complying with the latest laws in employing your workers, please contact your PEO’s HR Department or contact an LL Roberts Group PEO Consultant (toll free) at 877.878.6463.
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