Three Generations of Roberts in the PEO Industry

Front Row: Larry Sr., Austin.
Back Row: Chris, Josh, LJ. 

The LL Roberts Group (LLRG) is based in Dallas, Texas and operates as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)services provider.  LLRG specializes in assisting small to mid-sized companies with their PEO and employee  administration related service needs.  In addition to our Dallas Headquarters, we also maintain a fully staffed Service Center in El Paso, Texas. LLRG has plans for additional service centers with target markets including Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas.  

LLRG’s founders are well-recognized PEO pioneers that date back to the original “Employee Leasing” days.  The Roberts’ first venture into the Industry was in 1988, when Larry Roberts, Sr. launched what was to become the 7th largest PEO in the nation during the mid-1990s, Certified  Systems Incorporated. The Roberts family sold their original PEO in 1997 to a Fortune 500 Company, but re-emerged in the 2000’s.  Subsequently, LLRG’s owners (as well as many LLRG staff members) are amongst the longest tenured veterans within the PEO Industry. There are three generations of Roberts represented within the company today, ranging from Larry Sr., to the “Roberts Brothers” and now a grandson are all a part of LLRG. However, you need not have the last name Roberts to be a part of LLRG’s truly “family like” culture.
The LLRG staff utilizes years of experience in the PEO Industry to serve the unique needs of  our clients companies and their workforces. LLRG’s staff includes experts in the fields of PEO operations systems, benefits administration, safety/risk management, human resources, payroll administration, employment law, as well as accounting and technology systems.
LLRG’s Management Team possesses PEO Industry  experience that exceeds 140+ years. This  extensive PEO experience enables us to properly serve our client’s employee administrative needs.  LLRG’s proven track record and our vast “PEO Industry Memory” are virtually unparalleled within the industry.
While we have implemented numerous Internet and technology based service and support initiatives for our clients and agents, we remain committed to our “high touch” philosophies to ensure that our entire clientele receives optimal care from LLRG.
Find out more about the LL Roberts Group and how we can provide you the PEO Solutions that you’re looking for by contacting our corporate offices (toll free) at 877.878.6463 or by visiting our corporate website at
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