Tips for Conducting Employee Performance Reviews

On the surface, employee performance reviews seem simple enough to conduct, however don’t be fooled, one false step can be very costly.  One wrong step can create legal problems for your company later. Here are a few tips to help your company conduct compliant and effective reviews.
· Hold all employee performance reviews in a private office or area and keep those records confidential and secure.
· Do not let an employee’s good performance in one area sway your opinion and assessment in other areas that can use improvement.
· However, don’t let poor performance in one area lead to an overall poor review rating.
· Weight the whole performance period, not an isolated or recent time frame.
· Keep it professional and don’t make it personal.
· Don’t say or do anything that can be deemed as being discriminatory.
· Make your points in a clear and concise manner.  Avoid vague statements or references.
· Be frank and honest. Do not say that the employee’s performance was good when it isn’t.
· Be consistent.  Documentation and processes should be the same for all employees.
· If an employee is not performing up to expectations.  Give him or her specific ways to improve and a specific time frame to do it in. Write on the review that if the employee does not improve within the time frame, they may be disciplined or terminated.
· Revisit the employee’s prior years’ performance reviews to identify any concerning trends, such as tardiness, neatness, or their ability to work well with other employees.
· A performance review meeting is not the time to tell an employee of an issue for the first time. Ongoing communication throughout the year is crucial. 
Document, document, and then document.  If an employee violates a company policy or fails to perform in a satisfactory manner, write them up! Be sure to have employees sign their performance reviews. If an employee refuses to sign the review, denote that on the review. Make a copy for the employee and be sure to keep the original in your records.
If you have any questions regarding performance reviews contact the LL Roberts Group PEO Human Resources Department and find out how a PEO can assist you and your company.  Call the LL Roberts Group (toll free) at 877.878.6463.
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