What Is A “PEO” and How It Can Help Your Business Grow

There are still a lot of business owners and managers that are not familiar with a Professional Employer Organization or a PEO, so we decided to breakdown what a PEO is, and how it can help you run your business be more successful.  Let me ask you this. As a business owner or manager, does it make sense that you must be become an expert at payroll, employment tax processing, governmental and HR compliance, purchasing insurance, and risk management? Sounds impossible right? That’s where a PEO can and does make your life easier.
A Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”) provides cost-effective services that help all companies, regardless of size, better manage their employer responsibilities and risks. PEOs are in the “business of employment” and provide real relief to employers through services and resources that include workers’ compensation coverage, payroll and employment tax administration, safety/risk management support, OSHA compliance, human resources support, labor law compliance, as well as employee benefit programs.
By partnering with a PEO to assume these non-core business functions for your company,  you are free to manage your company’s production, marketing, sales and service. Basically, we free up time for you and your administrative staff to focus on running your business, instead of it running you. 
A relationship with a PEO involves a sharing of employer responsibilities between the PEO and your company. This employment relationship is known as “co-employment” and is an integral aspect of the PEO business model. In a co-employment arrangement, the PEO becomes the employer of record for tax and insurance purposes and begins filing paperwork under its own identification numbers. We become responsible for a wide variety of taxes and this eliminate the possibility of making mistakes on what needs to be reported.
As worksite employers, you continue to direct employees in their day-to-day work-related duties and activities. You still get to “hire and fire” your employees, but we can guide you with these to make sure you are in compliance with employment laws. As a co-employer responsible for most HR administrative functions, the PEO manages many of the time-consuming and costly aspects of employee administration as the “employer of record” for the employees.  The co-employment relationship is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, and most states, through some form of specific licensing, registration, or regulation for PEOs.
Some PEOs (The LL Roberts Group) offer Automated Time & Attendance solutions to help eliminate employee “buddy punching” and paying employees for lost time when they arrive late & leave early.  This also helps combat unwarranted wage & hour claims and to help larger companies be ACA compliant. The Time & Attendance system also makes your payroll more automated and reduces errors while saving time calculating employee time.
Quite simply, a PEO is a “one stop shop” that allows companies to outsource most of the time consuming and costly functions associated with employee administration. An additional benefit is that you get your workers’ comp coverage with no deposits and no year-end audits!
At the LL Roberts Group, we have a wide variety of clients ranging from doctors and lawyers, to construction companies, plumbers and everything in between. It’s makes no difference if it’s white collar, blue collar, or grey collar, we have solutions tailored for your company regardless of what industry you’re in.
The LL Roberts Group can assist you by providing your company with a “no-cost” and “no obligation” PEO proposal. So contact the LL Roberts Group today (toll free) 877.878.6463 and find out if PEO is the right solution for you and your company.   You can even talk to us on Facebook or Twitter!

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