What is a PEO?

As a business owner or manager do you feel as though the government has made you a non-compensated highly penalized tax collector? Does it seem as though you've been mandated to provide your company and employees with insurance for work-related accidents (Workers' Comp), unemployment insurance (state and federal), along with contributing to each employee's retirement fund (Social Security)? You may even feel you've been required to provide group health insurance and other benefits for your employees. Of course none of these employer responsibilities has anything to do with your core business and generating a profit for your company.

Professional Employer Organizations ("PEO") can provide cost-effective services that help small to mid-sized companies better manage their employer responsibilities and risks. PEOs are in the "business of employment" and provide real relief to employers through services and resources that include workers' compensation coverage, payroll and employment tax administration, safety/risk management support, human resources support, labor law compliance, as well as employee benefit programs. By "hiring" a PEO to assume these non-core business functions for your company you are free to manage your company's product development and production, marketing, sales and service.

Quite simply, a PEO is a "one stop shop" that allows companies to outsource most of the time consuming and costly functions associated with employee administration. Better still, you get your workers' comp coverage with no deposits and no yearend audits!

The LL Roberts Group can assist you by providing your company with a "no cost" and "no obligation" PEO proposal. So contact the LL Roberts Group today and find out if PEO is the right solution for you and your company.