Are You Saving Money on Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Although injuries at the workplace cost companies money in workers’ compensation claims, there are ways that employers, with help from your PEO Service Provider, can control the cost as well as control collateral damage. The LL Roberts Group and our Network of PEO Service Providers employ experienced professionals in the areas of workers’ compensation coverage, risk management, and claims administration. These Professionals are available to serve you and your employees with any Workers’ compensation claims matters that may occur at your workplace or with your workforce, however here are a few helpful tips to assist you when dealing with a workers’ comp claim:
 Contact your PEO Service Provider within 24 hours of the incident. Statistics show that the costs associated with a workers’ comp claim increases dramatically when reported 3-10 days after the incident, as opposed to immediately after it occurs.
 Use an appointed and qualified clinic. Unless it is a life-threatening emergency, send the employee to your PEO Service Provider’s appointed medical care facility instead of an emergency room.
• Perform post-injury drug testing on every employee that becomes injured and requires medical care or treatment.  Post-injury drug testing is a requirement with most workers’ compensation policies, including your PEO Service Provider’s.
Obtain written statements from the employee and any witness(es) immediately and investigate the incident. Your PEO Service Provider’s Risk Management Professionals can assist you with the investigation and can assist you to take the proper steps right away to address any exposures and to prevent other injuries from occurring.
Use prevention. Walk around your worksite regularly to check for any unsafe conditions that can be fixed now. A $300 safety device can proactively prevent injuries from occurring and easily save your company $10,000’s!
 Be committed to returning the employee to work quickly; ideally the same day if at all possible, or within three (3) days of the injury.  Be ready to offer modified duties where needed. Numerous studies show that employees recover three times faster, indemnity costs decrease by 65% or more, and medical costs are cut by 50% or more, when the employee is part of an well planned return to work program.
For more information on how you can be prepared and proactive in managing workers’ comp claims at your business, please contact your PEO Service Provider or your LL Roberts Group Representative (toll free) at 877.878.6463.
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