Safety and
Risk Management

Safety and Risk Management, Not Risky Business

Risk management is typically top of mind for most businesses as they recognize the core value their employees bring to their organization. LL Roberts Group takes a proactive approach to risk management through assessment of your current processes, policies, education, and training. With that information, we can provide you with industry expertise to guide best practices, as well as offer additional tools, resources, and support for you and your employees.

of businesses experienced three or more critical risks* in the past 12 months.

Through safety surveys, development of training and education programs, and assistance with compliance, LL Roberts Group is your dedicated risk management partner. We understand the importance of proper workplace safety, which is why we work diligently to deliver the proper resources and support to ensure your workplace is safe and your employees are protected.

Our risk management services include:

  • Workers’ compensation coverage with no deposits or audits
  • Safety survey distribution to assess current risk management
  • Risk and safety manuals and recommendations
  • OSHA compliance assistance

Manage your workers’ compensation costs

While having insurance saves employers’ money on medical expenses and damages, it’s not unusual for small business owners to make errors when purchasing, renewing, and managing their workers’ compensation policies. Those mistakes result in overpayment for workers’ comp insurance.

When LL Roberts Group handles your policy administration, you’ll be confident that your employees and organization are covered. Your team will have benefits when they need them, and we’ll prevent simple errors that could cost you money.

Streamline injury claims

Managing your claims properly can reduce your EMF and lower your premium. When you work with LL Roberts Group, we make the injury administration process consistent and efficient. Your employees are taken care of and able to return to work as soon as possible. We deliver:

  • Fast reporting
  • Smooth processing
  • Quicker return to work

* Critical Risk: The chance or probability that and employee can be harmed or experience health issues if exposed. (