Avoid The PEO Broadcaster!

This industry term describes someone who will send your client or prospect information out to “hundreds” of PEO providers for a quote. Do you really want your client’s sensitive information in the hands of hundreds of vendors? Even if you get the deal sold what do you think happens with the other 99 PEOs that missed selling that deal? Frankly, it goes right into their permanent database which means that eventually their own internal sales force will continue to pursue the deal. And when they finally win it, do you think they will pay you? Of course they won’t.
At the LL Roberts Group…we are NOT Broadcasters ! 
Using a PEO will also ensure that your clients and your revenues are protected over the long term. Why? PEO clients don’t change PEOs often.  Plus…Our agents never have to worry about losing the Broker Of Record on their PEO account.

If you would like to find out how The LL Roberts Group can work for you, your clients, and open revenue streams, please contact the LL Roberts Group (toll free) at 877.878.6463. You can even talk to us on Facebook or Twitter!
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