Hackers hitting thousands of companies with distractive viruses and ransomware.

As previously shared in past editions of the LL Roberts Group Employer Update, businesses of all sizes are being attacked and “ransomware” is being installed at an alarming rate. One of these particularly distractive viruses is named “Wanna Decrypt0r 2.0” by its creators. Contrary to popular belief these occurrences are not limited to large companies and governmental computers – – they are increasingly involving small businesses. Think about it, who’s computers would be the easiest to attack? A Fortune 500 company’s highly secured and protected servers or a small business with a modest budget for computer system safeguards? These attacks involve hackers using a process called “phishing” whereby email recipients are tricked into opening phony links embedded within emails that usually appear to be coming from someone the recipient is familiar with. These attacks are utilizing ransomware that once downloaded onto the recipient’s computers critical files are locked-up a ransom notice is sent in a text file to the infected recipient. These ransoms seem to be ranging from $100s to $10,000s. Once downloaded, this disruptive virus then moves from computer to computer with in a company which can easily lock-up and shutdown a business. We highly recommend that all of our clients consult with a Computer/IT specialist and determine how they can best protect their company’s computers and their data files. If you have any questions concerning this information please feel free to contact our PEO’s risk management department and they will be happy to direct you to one of several sources we have for providing Computer/IT support.

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