Will temperature checks become commonplace moving forward?

As everyone contemplates what the “new norm” will be like after the Coronavirus crisis is behind us, public testing of some form seems to be a given. However, testing for the virus takes time and money. So, it is not likely that we will see swabs and needle pricks as a common testing method across society. However, there is one assessment method that is easily administered, provides fast results, and is inexpensive—simply taking your temperature. One of the common symptoms of the Coronavirus is running a temperature, so using a thermometer to assess the public is a logical tool for assessing the public.
Currently, airports, amusement parks, sports arenas, concert halls, convention centers, resorts, mega retailers and other large public venues are looking into how they can implement taking the temperature of attendees, shoppers, and patrons a part of their admission processes. If you think that this is not likely or possible, just think back to when metal detectors were added to many of these same venues’ admission processes. You don’t even think about it anymore, in fact it’s expected.
Regarding the probability of temperature checks being implemented across society, it’s already happening.  Many large employers, construction jobsites, and public venues are currently requiring a temperature check prior to being allowed into the places of business or on to the jobsite.
While implementing a temperature check to the routine of arriving at large public gatherings may seem like a needed public safety measure, there is another motive driving this possibility—creating a sense of safety and confidence. By taking the temperature of attendees, shoppers and visitors to these large public settings, the hope is that the fears will be alleviated and that the crowds will return.
It’s a given that there will be changes to our everyday lives after the current crisis is overcome, and having your temperature taken is one such change we are all likely to experience.

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